Principal's Desk


Dr. K. B. SharmaA vision thoughtfully conceived and well realized is the foundation for achieving something worthy and big. With the completion of three years of autonomy we are now on the pathway to enter the professional world with our ambassadors, the first world ready products of Subodh autonomous institution. The vision of fostering an environment of sound academic learning- training and personal grooming within the autonomous scheme was what we had nurtured. With every step we marched in this direction we are now confident that our students are academically as well as professionally equipped to make a difference to the society and nation at large.

Subodh Shiksha Samiti, committed to the cause of promoting learning and education, established Subodh PG college in the year 1954 to address the academic needs of the society. Now with more than sixty years of its service in the education sector, the college has numerous milestones to quote and still more to aspire for. The college has awarded the status of ‘College of Excellence’ by UGC for its commitment towards attaining and maintaining rich academic environment marked by global excellence. Apart from being designated as Model College of Rajasthan, the college has twice been awarded with the status of ‘Centre with Potential for Excellence’. The grant of Autonomous status and NAAC re-accreditation with highest CGPA of 3.72 in Northern India by UGC further reflect the college's consistent focus on academic enrichment.

Owing to its qualitative excellence, various external organizations have also taken initiatives to collaborate with this college as an endeavour to widen the horizons of knowledge being imparted to the young innovative minds. The recent MoUs with Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia and University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, show the confidence and faith that this institution has generated in minds of its direct as well as indirect stakeholders

As an autonomous institution the college has been constantly striving to achieve high standards of teaching and learning while making it holistic in approach and rich in outcome. Increased emphasis on making learning student centric and the academic process convenient and smooth is what makes this college a preferred learning destination for both students and parents alike.

We welcome our students to this world of learning with the hope that they will benefit from the environment conducive for both intellectual as well as emotional growth while also making this institution proud by imbibing the tradition and values we treasure and share.

(Prof. K. B. Sharma)                     
S.S. Jain Subodh P.G. (Autonomous) College, Jaipur