President's Message

"An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklinc"

Shri N. R. Kothari The vision of Subodh College is based on hard work, communication, a strong emphasis on team work and a high level of responsibility. We believe that learning should be based on doing things and not merely knowing things. Learning should relate to real life and motivate the learner to acquire and apply knowledge.Thus, we do not compromise on teaching standards or discipline.The hard work of today is the triumph of the future. The time and effort you invest today will be the deciding factors of your later years.

Dream Big, Think Big, Experiment and be Passionate in whatever you do. Challenge yourself and make your identity. We live in a digital age where we do most things at the click of a button. But success doesn’t come this way –it only comes with sheer hard work, dedication, will-power and by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

This session begins in the middle of an unprecedented situation, a pandemic that has posed so much uncertainty and altered our lives in many ways. We believe that this is the time to not just deal with the current emergency but also build foundations of resilience to face such difficult events in the future. The comfort and health of our student community both mental and physical are given utmost importance. The COVID-19 should not lockdown the aspirations of our young generation. These challenges only reinforce our resolve to continue working towards our vision of making our students embrace everything in the wide spectrum of life.

The culture of our college is based distinctively on human values, which are reflected in everything we do. We encourage students to demonstrate high levels of commitment and co-operation while all members of staff endeavor to provide maximum opportunities for learning and progression within a secure and safe environment. Our education philosophy is based strongly on partnership where home, college, parish and a wider community work closely together to provide maximum support to the educational process.

The show must go on!

Ours is a student-centric campus and it lays down a rock solid foundation for young learners to build a heven of knowledge and intellect wherein students are encouraged to uncap their talents and hone their skills. We aim to lend a gentle guiding hand so that our students recognize their inner potential and grow. I invite students to walk through our gates to feel positivity vibrating in the atmosphere and join us in making Subodh College a world class institution.

(Shri N. R. Kothari)            
S.S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur