Department of Physical Education

Physical Education has a long way since the sporters & Athenians. The field at physical education has gone through many cycles over its long history. These cycles ranges from a stick authoritarianism to the liberal democracy of today. This transformation to the democracy has opened the field of Physical Education up to many new sciences, which are creating many new opportunities. If the cycles of Physical Education continue, these new professions will hopefully pave the way to future discoveries and studies of Physical Education. We have remarkable achievements in sports not only at State level but at National and International level. We understand the significance of sports and have made it an integral part of our college culture.
Through participation in sports and different games, students learn co-operation, team work, leadership method and time management. Sports are important for the holistic development of the individual.

Programmes/Courses Offered
Course Offered (UG) Bachelor of Arts (with Physical Education)