Best Practices of the College

Best practices of an institute are usually the benchmark it wishes to set for itself and others in the society. Being an institute of higher learning we realize our role in building a society free from discrimination and deprivation. We also realize that in a nation endowed with youth power we are facing an acute shortage of skilled youth who are industry employable. In order to fulfill our role, we are engage in various tasks which can be labeled as Best Practices. Fostering Community Responsibility, Skill Development Program, Promoting Gender Equality, Spreading Legal awareness etc. are few of the best practices of the college.

Community Based Practices

Objectives :

  • To instill a sense of social responsibility in the minds of the students
  • To engage the students in meaningful service that meets community needs
  • To equip the students with skills, attitude and knowledge so that they can work for the diprive sections of society
  • To understand the community in which they live and to understand themselves in relation to their community
  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civil responsibility
  • Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solutions to community problems
  • Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  • Gain skills in mobilizing community participation in acquire democratic attitudes
  • Meet with established community leaders and trustees
  • Engage in informal small group contact with community leaders

Practice :
The college has a Social Outreach through its involvement with several NGO’s which provides an opportunity to the students to work among the underprivileged sections and also with various civil society organizations. Adoption of a village Tankarda near Chomu in Jaipur is a set example to it. A large number of students work for children from the underprivileged communities, on women’s issues, children with disabilities, environmental issues and human rights issues. Broadly the work includes conducting surveys, organizing awareness campaigns, counseling, arranging clothes, toys and book collection.
MoU has been signed with NGO’s Upvan Seva Sansthan and Samrish Society to work for the betterment of underprivileged sections of the society. It is a constructive step to carry out beneficial activities like health and hygiene camps, awareness rally, motivational and fun activities etc. for the deprived, needy and less fortunate children living in the orphanages, slums and rehabilitation centers.

Empowering Women: Laying Foundations for Better Society

Objectives :
There are girls in the society who are meritorious, motivated and passionate towards career goals yet they do not get equal opportunity to fulfil their dreams. We at Subodh, understand this and are committed to provide a safe and healthy growth oriented environment not only to our own students but also to those who are deprived by the society. The institute has set its Gender Goals as:

  • To sensitize the students on various dimensions of gender discrimination.
  • To engage the students in activities that would empower them to work towards a gender just society.

Practice :
The core values enshrined in making of Subodh College is committed to the cause of gender equality and the institute has been undertaking several programmes towards this. Academic discourses, awareness and action oriented programs on promoting Gender Equality are regular part of our institute. Few of such initiatives are as follows:

  • The Women Cell and Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Cell organize workshops on Gender Equality and Safety on regular basis.
  • College regularly conducts Gender Safety Audit of its campus to see that girls in campus are feeing safe and secure.
  • Legal Awareness lectures are organized to sensitize students and faculty members towards Women Rights.
  • The college is associated with 'All India Welfare Society' an organization working for girl child welfare. It has conducted several programs on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, an initiative of Prime Minister of India. Dean Student of the college Dr Alpana Saxena was felicitated with ‘Beti Shiksha Gaurav Samman’. Three of the college students :Ms Shivani Gupta (for Academics), Ms Swati Doodhwal (for Sports) and Ms Priyanka Saharan (for Cultural) were felicitated for their achievements in respective fields.
  • The college has floated its blog called “Ansuni Andekhi” which encourages students and faculty members to share their views and opinion in form of weekly discussions.

Subodh Talent and Enhance Programme (STEPs)

Objectives :

  • To lay a strong foundation so that student can compete in the competitive environment.
  • Through faculty development programme (FDP) faculty members updated the student, so that they can prepare themselves for the heat of competitive world.
  • Develop basic aptitude among students to face assessment test of industry.
  • Provide 360 Degree development to students though various programme and assessments.
  • Periodically invite industry experts for interaction with the students to make them aware of corporate working environment.
  • To organize personality development and motivation classes in order to enhance confidence in students.

STEPs (PG Diploma, Diploma and Certificate) Programmes :

  • List of Programmes in STEPs
  • RS-CIT - Rajasthan State Certificate course in Information Technology has been approved by Department of Information Technology and Communication, Government of Rajasthan. It has launched an IT friendly course for the people of Rajasthan. RS-CIT is a high quality and low cost IT literacy program which offers a novel curriculum, excellent study material and learning management system in local languages. A state-of-the-art delivery mechanism leads to online examination and instant e-Certification facility. This course is essential for any job in the government sector of Rajasthan. This degree/diploma course exam is conducted by state university - Vardhman Mahaveer Open University.
  • ELSTP Programmes -Certificate Courses viz. Accounts Assistant using Tally, Computer Network Assistant, Banking Associate, Marketing Associate, Finance Associate are initiated through empanelment for Employment Linked Skill Training Programme (ELSTP) in Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC).
  • “Matrix” Aptitude School is an another initiative of institution that provides aptitude training for campus recruitment and placement tests, CAT, MAT, GATE, GMAT, bank tests covering quantitative, qualitative, mathematical, logical, and analytical and more types of questions. The Institution also conducts Knowledge Tests; which are designed to find out how much a candidate knows about a particular aspect of the job. A cognizance test should be predicated on a particular topic that pertains to the job to ascertain a candidate has the required level of learning. Apart from this our Ability Tests are acclimated to quantify cognitive or phoenix ability. Ability tests have been cognate to performance levels and are predicated on presenting candidates with workplace scenarios and asking them to explicate what they would do in a given situation.
  • Department of Environment Science has designed and developed a PG Diploma in Industrial Safety, Health and Environment Management to meet the requirements of Industry and deliver skill to its students.
  • Industrial Visits are organized by various departments. Industrial projects and Summer/winter Internshipsare undertaken by the students. Departmental faculty is engaged in consultancy projects. Companies/industries conduct seminars and workshops for acquainting the students with the diverse skills required for the employment sector.
  • At the Institution, Teaching plans are discussed semester wise. A specially designed diary has also been provided by the organization to maintain a weekly and daily comprehensive plan for teaching so as to ensure effective execution.
  • Various innovative teaching methodologies are facilitated through the use of video conferencing facilities, LCD projectors, and e-resources in the library.
  • The teaching faculty is involved in various activities of the college according to their talent and aptitude. Senior teachers are appointed as conveners/ chairpersons of various committees/cells and are given full autonomy in decision making.
  • Anusandhan – Research Paper and Article Writing Skill Enhancement Program has been initiated to promote students towards research, exploration and writing their ideas to share.