Student Mentroing System

“Progress of the Youth is the Progress of the Nation”

The college acknowledges the importance of mentoring and supporting the students who come from diverse backgrounds in terms of socio economic status and faith. The college has developed and implemented a Mentor System to cater to the developmental needs of all the students through the various social reservation, financial incentives and welfare measures.
Under the mentor system, the academic progress increases as the respective mentors constantly monitor the personal growth of the students to ensure further improvement.

    Functional Characteristics of Mentor System:
  • The mentors are responsible for their group of students from the day of their admission and keep a close watch on their regularity in terms of attending the classes as well as academic and “beyond classroom scholarly activities” progression.
  • In case of prolonged absenteeism without information, the mentors follow up with the student to find out the cause via phone calls, SMS or sending letters to their postal addresses and taking necessary action if required.
  • Mentors nominate class representatives (CR) in their respective classes on the basis of regularity, punctuality and good academic record of the student. Class Representatives are always ready to help their class mates by helping them solve their issues or conveying their issues/ problems to the mentors. This is an initiative of the institution which helps in developing leadership, social responsibility and liability among the class representatives. They also act as peer mentors.
  • If a student is considering to discontinue with the opted course then the mentors counsel the student to take appropriate decision after weighing the pros n cons of the same.
  • Mentors pay personal attention to each and every student regarding his/her performance in Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and Semester end exams.
  • The mentors display a sense of positive attitude and enthusiasm towards each and every student so as to inculcate confidence among one and all.
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