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NIRF framework outlines a methodology to rank institutions across the country. The methodology draws from the overall recommendations broad understanding arrived at by a Core Committee set up by Subodh PG College RD, to identify the broad parameters for ranking various universities and institutions. The parameters broadly cover "Teaching, Learning and Resources," "Research and Professional Practices," "Graduation Outcomes," "Outreach and Inclusivity," and "Perception".

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Subodh PG College NIRF Report (DCS Data) Click here
Subodh PG College Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR: A|B|C|D) Click here
Subodh PG College Research & Professional Practice (RP: A|B)
Subodh PG College Sponsored Research Project
Subodh PG College Consultancy Project Detail
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Subodh PG College Graduation Outcomes (GO: A|B|C) Click here
Subodh PG College Outreach and Inclusivity (OI: A|B|C|D) Click here
Subodh PG College Perception (PR):
A. Peer Preception: Employers and Industry (PREMP)
B. Peer Preception: Academic Peers (PRACD)
C. Public Preception (PRPUB)

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