About Autonomous

Key Features of Autonomy

Subodh after attaining its autonomy in 2013 (affiliated to University of Rajasthan) has rejoiced its academic freedom in terms of framing its own courses of studies and adopt innovative methods of teaching and evaluation. The University of Rajasthan will confer the degrees to the students after passing the examinations held by the college and the name of the college will be indicated in the degrees given by the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.
It is a matter of pride to announce that the college has successfully completed three years of autonomous status under University of Rajasthan which includes six semesters of undergraduate and four semesters of postgraduate courses. The dedicated team work and systematic planning led the college towards successful completion of first three years of autonomy, which includes - effective formation of syllabi, successful conduction of continuous assessment and end semester examinations, timely declaration of results. The students of the college have equally accepted the merits of autonomy pattern and participated with full enthusiasm. The golden feather in our plume is that the teachers and students are enjoying this academic freedom and the first batch of undergraduate and post graduate students have come out with flying colors to face this new world of challenges with zeal and enthusiasm.
Although autonomy is not a nuance to the college anymore, still the advantages of autonomy must be made self evident. The following merits of Autonomy contribute tremendously in improving teaching-learning process:
  • Acts as an instrument to promote academic excellence
  • Prescribes rules for admission in consonance with the reservation policy of the state government
  • Incorporates Semester scheme in all courses
  • Offers freedom in making choice of courses
  • Facilitates wide range of subjects and electives for indivuduatet choices.
  • Builds creative and innovative ambience
  • Determines and prescribe its own courses of study and syllabi as per the need of students, based on the changing educational scenario
  • Facilitates adoption of new teaching – learning methods
  • Provides opportunity to the administrators, teachers and students to make innovations
  • Improves the standards of teaching, examination and research
  • Utilizes the creative talents of teachers and students
  • Encourages the students to think clearly, critically and creatively and to express themselves effectively
  • Encourages use of modern tools of educational technology to achieve higher standards and greater creativity
  • Evolves innovative methods for assessment of students, the conduct of examinations and notification of results
  • Incorporates 30% weightage on the basis of internal assessment in each semester
  • Provides continuous assessment scheme for the students to study and learn meticulously, rather than make eleventh hour preparation
  • Improves student teacher interaction
  • Incorporates component of Seminars and Project courses at UG and PG level to build confidence in the students
  • Emphasizes on Summer Training and Industrial Trainings
  • Promotes development of problem-solving skills
  • Creates learning atmosphere conducive to improved English language proficiency
  • Cultivates discipline
  • Ensures Timely declaration of results
  • Simplifies all office work since the administration is localized