National Conference on Materials and their Energy Applications (NCME-2014)

The National conference on “Materials and their Energy Applications” was organized during 22nd-24th December, 2014. The Inaugural session started with the lightening of the lamp by Prof. R.P. Tondon Delhi University, Dr. D.K. Avasthi, IUAC New Delhi, Dr. P.V. Bhagwat BARC Mumbai, Prof. Y.K. Vijay, VGU Jaipur and the invited dignitaries. This mega event emphasized on the most recent innovations, trends, results, experiences and concerns in the several perspectives of materials research for Energy Applications. Various fields of the conference like Hydrogen energy, Fuel cells, Sensors, Membranes, Nanocomposites, Functional materials, Thermo and Piezoelectric materials, Dielectric materials, Solar energy, Bio- fuels, Batteries, Alternate energy were discussed between Scientists, Engineers and Technologists. The deliberations were drawn on the new challenges faced by the Researchers and Engineers deciphered about the most suited measures. Young professionals, academicians and industry experts from different Countries like India, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arbia and various regions of India came to the conference. The experts from the different field shared their ideas and experiences, which not only enlightened the audience but also gave a template towards new dimensions of the respective fields.

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