Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)

"Sustainable relationship with MOU nurture the power of team work and global thinking"
The college has signed MoUs with many institutions mainly to enhance the research activity and research output. Some of the significant MoUs are listed below:

International MoUs

  • In 2016 a MoU has been signed with Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia For Collaborative research, Development & exchange in the field of sports and for networking for double degree programme.
  • In 2015, a MoU has been signed with University of Wolverhampton, UK which we lead to cultivation and promotion of enriching educational practices through research and student as well as faculty exchange program.
  • In 2015 a MoU has been signed with the Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Russia for research exchange programme.
  • Earlier MoU had been sign with Swansea Metropolitan University, Brooksby Melton college, Leicestershire and college Sir Gar to promote research and exchange program.
  • Institution has signed MoU with University of Wales (UK) regarding exchange program for sports person and officials was signed.

National MoUs

  • Faculty members from different departments are collaborating with National research groups located at different parts of the country. For example, the Department of Physics has collaboration with IUAC New Delhi, IIT Jodhpur, CSIR Hyderabad, IIT Delhi, UGC-DAE-CSR Indore for research activities. Research students from college may use available research facilities at these centres.

Regional Collaborations with MoUs:

  • This E-waste Management Agreement (“Agreement”) is executed on 09th November 2016 by and between ETCO e-waste Recycler Private Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of India and S S Jain Subodh P G College for the purpose of recycling and disposing the e-waste as per their guide-lines.
  • MOUs has been signed between departments of agriculture, Govt of Rajasthan and S. S. Jain Subodh P G College for undertaking works on soil analysis under "Soil Health Card Scheme".
  • College is recognised as an authorized centre of RKCL - Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited. It is a Public Limited Company. The main objective of company is to develop a new educational framework which can plan, implement, supervise and regulate the developing needs for IT skills.

Output of MoUs in teaching-learning, research and development activities

  • Research : Joint research programmes with research institutes has helped the faculty and students in researching diverse areas.
  • Faculty exchange and development- Through linkages, the university and other institutes have helped in arranging faculty exchange and academic development. The faculty exchange involves guest lectures on specialized topics and visits to different institutes.
  • Consultancy: The collaborations with local bodies, NGOs and other institutes have helped us in identifying our strengths in various areas. These are instrumental in enhancing competency and expertise in faculty and students.
  • Student Placement: The number of industries visiting the college for campus interviews has increased due to linkages with industries. Large number of students have benefited in getting placement offers through on the- job training and internship programmes.