Department of History | National Conference on "Multiple Manifestations of women: Women in Indian Society"

A National Conference was organized by Department of History on 23rd and 24th of December 2016 on "Multiple Manifestations of women: Women in Indian Society". The conference was themed on the need to review the history of India in nationalist terms by its own historians. Historians from across the nation attended the deliberations during various sessions of the conference. More than 300 participants from different states attended the conference and presented their papers on the topic. Inauguration session was graced by Hon'ble Minister for Higher education Mrs. Kiran Maheshwari, Prof Naresh dadhich, former VC VMOU, Prof Ravindra K Sharma, OSD Higher Education, and Government of India. Valedictory Session was held on 24th afternoon and Hon'ble Deputy speaker of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Rao Rajendra Singh ji graced the occasion as chief guest, Mrs. Suman Sharma, chairperson Rajasthan State women's commission presided over the ceremony and Prof Narayan Rao, member ICHR from Odisha presented Keynote address.

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