National Science Day 2017(NSD-17)

National Science Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm on 28th Feb. to commemorate the discovery of Raman Effect by Indian Physicists and Nobel laureate Sir Chandar Shekhar Venkata Raman.
In the spirit of this day , S.S. jain Subodh PG(Autonomous) College conducts various science related activities like Science exhibition with working and non working model, video slides, quiz and debate with the national theme of this year “science and technology for especially abled persons”.
Participants from different institute showed there full interest in different activities with their full zeal. Total of 500 students registered to participate in different activities. The programmer was inaugurated by Dr. Samit Sharma (IAS) (Director, Mahila Avam Bal Vikas Mantralaya), Dr. B.B. Arora( Director, SFSL) and Dr. Arun Chougle (Dean, SMS Medical College, Jaipur)
In the Valedictory session, the eminent judges comprising of Dr. Pramila Joshi (Principal, Subodh Mahila Mahavidhyalya), Dr. Shailesh Jain (P.O., DST) and Dr………. (Sr. Scientist, SFSL) gave their judgment after inspecting each project on their own merit. The best 3 participants were awarded with certificates and mementos.
The judges applauded the students for their novel ideas which would help the world to become a much better place to live in. Prof. K.B. Sharma, Principal, Subodh PG College shows immense pleasure for students learning and contribution and also thanked to all the participating teams for making this event a success and appreciated their posters and projects. He also summed up the true essence of this exhibition by saying “science gives us tools of immense power”

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